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The CrazyHotelWorkers community has relocated to Facebook!
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MOD POST: A few quick updates

1. For those of you who would like to continue following CHW from LiveJournal, we have setup chwforums to pipe in entries from the forums. This is a syndicated account and as such it is read only. You will be able to comment on posts, however these comments will be limited to LiveJournal and will not copy back to the forums.
2. Some people have been mentioning that they have had difficulty with posting and reading the forums. We believe we have those issues ironed out. If you are still having trouble, please send us an email at

Forum Question

I'm a little confused.  I signed up for the forums a few months back when it was created.  I went in and poked around a little.  Then thought instead of posting on lj I'd kick off the ball and post there tonight.  However I can't.  So I went back through FAQs and stuff, nothing saying why I don't have permission to post anything.  The only thing I can find is a small MOD post here talking about code words.  If we need to do more than just sign up to the forums shouldn't there be more in the FAQs or something?  Is there something special I haven't done yet?
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Hey guys. I just want to throw my 2 cents in regarding the move from LiveJournal.

Trust me when I tell you that this is a very difficult decision for us. LiveJournal has been our home for the 1st 7 years of our life. We've grown from 1 lonely auditor to a big community of over 1,000 hotel employees. We still average 10-15 posts per week.

However, LiveJournal has made some major changes to the platform recently. They've cut off our ability to effectively manage the community. They're creating a new title of "owner" for the communities. The problem is, they've locked the ownership of all present communities and we're not sure when or to whom ownership of the community will actually be granted. This has prevented us from making changes to the community.

In December, LJ started requiring that new accounts validate their email in order to join communities. While this is great, in theory, it causes issues in practice. (I.E. you could still join the community, however, the mod team could not approve your membership until you verified your email address. Many times, the emails would be caught by spam filters and never get to the user requesting membership.)

If you have a plus or free account, everywhere you go now on LJ, you get pop-up after pop-up ad.

Also, since the sale of LiveJournal to the Russian company, instances of spam have rapidly increased.

The community isn't going anywhere. It will just be frozen in time. You're still welcome to come through and read prior posts at any time. We'll also try to copy over some of the more popular posts from the past 7 years.

Once again, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to personally send me an email and I will try to respond to them. Remember, this isn't the end, it's a new beginning!

Thanks again for being a member of the coolest community for hotel employees there is!


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Okay, so I have read and re-read the MOD post about joining the forums. I typed the MOD's username into the "referrer" box exactly as it appears in livejournal, and each time I get an error when I try to register saying "invalid referrer name". I would really like to join, but what do I put in that box? Sorry that this isn't a hotel-related post, but I would imagine I'm not the only one that is encountering a problem.
MOD Post

MOD POST: The time has come.

It has been seven years since the CrazyHotelWorkers community was created and a lot has changed during that time. When CrazyHotelWorkers was founded, Facebook hadn’t been invented yet, MySpace was just getting started and rumors of LiveJournal being bought by SixApart were more than a year away. (LiveJournal was owned by SixApart from 2005 to 2007.)

Since late 2007, the LiveJournal service has been owned by a Russian company by the name of SUP. We have been monitoring the changes that SUP has been making to the service since that time. Up until a few months ago, the most concerning changes SUP had made were not changes to the LiveJournal service, but were changes at LiveJournal Inc, SUP’s US-based subsidiary.

In September, LiveJournal made modifications to the community membership system that made it more difficult to accept new members into the community. During the month of December we froze membership applications and made changes to our backend processes and protocols that were intended to compensate for the changes SUP made to the community membership system. Our overall goal was to make it easier to bring new users into the community and to introduce them to other parts of CrazyHotelWorkers. Unfortunately, we failed horribly at that and only made things more complicated for all parties involved.

At the beginning of this month, SUP has again made changes to the way communities on LiveJournal are run. While some of these changes may be beneficial in newer communities, in older, more established communities these changes complicate community management.

As a result of these changes, combined with the upcoming expiration of our paid community account it is our belief that it is in the best interests of the community to leave LiveJournal. Effective as of this MOD post, new members are no longer being accepted to the LiveJournal community. All current and new members should register for the CrazyHotelWorkers forums. Posting in the LiveJournal community is scheduled to be disabled next Monday, February 21, 2011. If you were registered on the forums prior to May 2010, you will need to re-register if you have not done so already.

When we conducted our improvement survey last year, some users mentioned that it would be nice if they could get emails of recent activity. With our move to the forums this functionality becomes a reality. Each member can pick and choose exactly what activity they wish to be notified about!

Another benefit to our move to the forums is its integration with both chat and the CrazyHotelWorkers wiki. While the wiki isn’t much to look at in its present state, all signed in members have the ability to create and modify wiki articles.

With the move to the forums, we are also looking for more people to join the MOD team. If you are interested at all, please send an email to

Since there are bound to be many questions, we have setup an FAQ document on the wiki which we will be updating frequently. Please review the FAQ if you have any questions. If you are unable to find an answer there send an email to

Jay's Follow-up Post - 2/15
Code Word - 2/15
Rafal Olbinski

Quick question

A guy checked out this morning and left two cans of soda and some unopened bags of Doritos and Nutterbutters. Our housekeepers split them up and took them home, since they figured he'd be long gone by then and wouldn't come back to look for his food. Well, of course he did, and he was annoyed that it was gone. My manager pretty much told him "Sorry, you're SOL."
What could she have done?
What do your housekeepers do when they find food in rooms that guests have checked out of?
VAMPS: what the snap

Why can't you just get the information that way?!

I am not usually one to be snarky with guests -- I like to live by old school hospitality standards of congeniality and think that if a guest is being an imbecile, than there is something off with them, and no amount of help from me in any capacity will change things.

But the pure asinine quality of this phone call just did it for me.

Me: Thank you calling X Hotel, my name is Jane, how may I assist you?

Guest: *with great affront* Last week I was forced to make a reservation by phone as your website was acting up, but I did not receive a confirmation email.

Me: One moment while I pull up your reservation, sir. May I have your name?

Guest: *gives a great ~sigh~ and gives me his name* Is it just not your policy to send confirmation emails??

Me: *looking at his reservation* It seems that you did not give us your email address when you made your reservation, sir, but I can send you a confirmation now if you like.

Guest: Well, you guys took my credit card number!

Me: Sir, we cannot send you a email with your credit card number.

I obliged him by getting his email then and sending him a confirmation. He then shortened his stay to one night, and I have the strong suspicion he might sight our service as the reason.

You know, cause we can't send magical credit card number email confirmations via our interstellar space carrier pigeons.

(I do appreciate how he gave me the opportunity to finally point out when a guest was being an outright ass. I know what he was up to. Well, Sir Sassalot, if you don't give us your email address, how can we send you a confirmation? If you want one that bad, you would have given us that info.)