A community for hotel workers, by hotel workers.

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hotel employees of the world unite!
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The community for hotel workers, by hotel workers.
What is CrazyHotelWorkers?
CrazyHotelWorkers is an organization for the hospitality industry; providing peer counseling, continuing education and networking opportunities to all interested current and former hospitality professionals.

In that regard, the CrazyHotelWorkers LiveJournal community is an extension of all of the above. Feel free to ask for advice on a tough issue, post links to articles you've read that you think will benefit the community, or just post about your day.

How to Join
The CrazyHotelWorkers LiveJournal community is closed to new members as of February 15, 2011. Posting for existing members was disabled on February 21, 2011.

All existing and prospective members are encouraged to join the CrazyHotelWorkers Forums. If you would like to keep up with the forum via your LiveJournal friends list, just add chwforums.

The CrazyHotelWorkers Staff
To contact the CrazyHotelWorkers staff, send an email to help@crazyhotelworkers.com or visit http://help.crazyhotelworkers.com.

The current community rules may be viewed on the CrazyHotelWorkers Wiki by following this link.

The views and opinions expressed on this LiveJournal community are those of its individual contributors. They do not necessarily reflect those of the community's founder, its management team or LiveJournal or its staff.

In that regard, the CHW MOD team will not remove any posts by a member unless the poster makes a personal threat (physical harm or death) against a specific person - so identified by specific name, position, or any other descriptor that can accurately and without doubt identify said person; OR the post is found to be in violation of one of our rules. Please contact help@crazyhotelworkers.com for more information.
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